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Who should get involved and benefit? 

As we see it, biodiversity counts for all businesses! Therefore all companies, be they small, medium or large are invited to participate in the European Business & Biodiversity campaign. 

You should join the campaign now, if your company …

  • depends directly on secure supplies of natural resources (e.g. fish, timber,  ...)
  • builds its operations indirectly on nature’s goods (fresh air, clean water, fertile soils, stable climate ...)
  • builds its competitive advantage on innovations inspired by nature (biotechnology, bionics)
  • serves ethically-minded consumers with products and services
  • already integrates biodiversity into its operations and wants to demonstrate and spread the news about its proactive stance on biodiversity

Your benefits from participating in the campaign activities

  • good knowledge and a deeper understanding of the emerging issues and trends in biodiversity through participating in face-to-face sector meetings and regional biodiversity forums
  • a greater understanding of potential risks and opportunities gained through participating in a "Biodiversity Check" to assess your biodiversity impacts as well as related management systems and business opportunities
  • support in building partnerships with NGOs and seeking contacts to specialized experts in order to expand your network through our events and professional website tools 
  • cost savings for impact mitigation through the use of environmental markets
  • find the right opportunities in biodiversity investments and financing
  • information on how to minimize reputational and legal threats and demands for disclosure of your company's impacts on biodiversity 
  • technical advice for integrating biodiversity into your (environmental) management system
  • the opportunity to participate in so-called landscape auctions and becoming the steward of a local or regional biodiversity hot spot


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