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Award-winning urban green infrastructure plan

LIFE ZARAGOZA NATURAL has won an award at the 2nd European Urban Green Infrastructure Conference (EUGIC) for its Green Infrastructure for Zaragoza Master Plan. The LIFE ZARAGOZA NATURAL  project is protecting biodiversity, and improving connectivity between Natura 2000 network sites and other natural areas, within the city of Zaragoza in Spain. It is restoring rivers and wetlands, and the forests and steppe that occupy two-thirds of the municipality.

The City Council of Zaragoza, the project beneficiary, picked up one of the three EUGIC 2017 Awards given at the conference in Budapest on 29-30 November 2017. These were awarded to the poster presentations that the EUGIC 2017 Jury considered the most innovative, interesting and creative Urban Green projects.
Bringing nature into cities
By establishing a Master Plan for the Green Infrastructure of Zaragoza, the project team is helping to integrate environmental aspects into the overall urban planning strategy. The plan has a cross-cutting effect on all municipal decisions, including urban development and the management of city parks and natural peri-urban areas.

Putting the plan into action
To implement the Master Plan, the City Council of Zaragoza has designed over 100 measures  to better manage green infrastructure and its inter-connectivity. These project initiatives go out of their way to involve the public, as they are among the main beneficiaries of improvements to green pathways and corridors around the city.
Given the potential of green infrastructure to improve public health, and help the inhabitants of Zaragoza adapt to climate change and boost their quality of life, project coordinators believe that their results will support the city of Zaragoza in its attempts to develop in a balanced way.
EUGIC organisers regard nature-based solutions and urban green infrastructure as vital to the future of European cities and citizens. The EUGIC Awards highlight innovative projects that provide good examples for other cities. This aim is shared by LIFE ZARAGOZA NATURAL as the project works to create a European network of cities with green infrastructure.
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